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Genevieve McGregor is the owner of Spark's Burger Co.. She left her 32-year home in Colorado (and, most heartbreakingly, her teenage son) to launch the first Spark's Burger Co. location here in lovely downtown Manhattan, Kansas. Spark's opened on Mother's Day, 2023-as a gift to her kid.

Spark's Burger Co. takes everything we know (and hate to admit that we love) about a traditional fast food meal and allows it to support what we all cherish:

  • Helping hardworking ranchers keep their family farm
  • Knowing where our food comes from and who our money is going to
  • Eating an indulgent, yet natural and nourishing, meal
  • Giving restaurant employees a livable wage and a job with dignity and respect

Genevieve believes that fast food can be done right, be delicious and support the hardworking producers and servers who make it possible.

Every time you enjoy a meal at Spark's Burger Co., you also support the people in your community and we are grateful.