We are Spark’s Burger Co.

We serve beef burgers, veggie burgers, Wagyu hot dog burgers, milkshakes and more. You better believe we have French fries…we call them dippers. But at Spark’s Burger Co., our intentions are different than most fast-food restaurants.

We’ve created a fast food chain that keeps it local. How’s that for something new?

Our partners are nearby ranchers, farmers and dairies who work with nature, not against it. They use business practices that support the people of their community. We develop and empower the local workforce to become future leaders, even making them co-owners. It’s not how fast food has been done in the past, but it’s our way.

We’re busy wrangling up ranchers, employees and fans as we prepare to regenerate the fast food industry. Get excited, and join the movement to help us get good food from good people to a community near you.

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